Group Riding

How to ride in a group and how to make sure that you never leave anyone behind. Please also see the Ride Etiquette and Home pages

Before starting your ride you must be aware of the destination

Before departing on a ride, it is recommended for a “Sweeper” to be nominated. His/her duties include monitoring numbers, observing other incidents and reporting ahead. The Sweeper must know the exact route and also have the leader’s phone number. 

All riders in the group should be aware of the number of cyclists riding in the group on that day and have responsibility for making sure no one is left behind

All riders should warn fellow riders both verbally or with the use of hand signals of potential hazards, e.g. potholes, glass, hedge cuttings etc.

If the group is a little spread out when turning at junctions at least one rider should wait for others to catch up so the junction is not missed.  He or she can then carry on riding when another rider catches up and then that rider would wait for the next rider etc  etc.  If there is no rider waiting near a junction then it means you ride straight without turning off.

You should always have the rider behind you in sight – if you start to pull away then slow down. That also means that those in front of you should do the same – in that way we stay together.

Verbal Warnings could also include:

‘Car Back’ when vehicle approaching from rear

‘Car Down’ or ‘Car Front’ when vehicle approaching from front

If you are stopping at a junction, or for any other reason, then please make sure the other riders know. Either shout “Stopping” or indicate with your hand down at your side.

If you are turning right or left then please make sure other riders are aware and indicate in plenty of time

If you are passing a cyclists make a point of saying ” on your right” so the cyclist is aware of your presence

Do not ride more than 2 abreast.

Do not overlap wheels. Overlapping forwards gives no chance to avoid the rider in front if he swerves to avoid potholes etc

It is advisable to refrain from “waving through” a following vehicle that is waiting to overtake. Let the driver make that decision – this will avoid being held responsible if the overtaking manoeuvre results in an accident.

You must not leave a ride without making sure the group is aware of your decision

If you ride off the front and out of site of the next rider you are no longer in that group

It is advisable for riders to carry a ‘live’ mobile phone on which ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) numbers should be stored

Carrying easily accessible details of any Medical condition/Medication should always be a consideration

Having a mirror on your bike allows you to see what is behind you

If you are riding an Ebike then please remember to consider those who are riding non powered bikes. Ebikes can tend (unintentionially of course) to up the pace somewhat, especially up hill!