Membership and Meetings

This photo was taken on 26 July 2022 whilst on an excellent ride to Linby via Kings Mill. The ride was led by Tony A. On the return leg we passed through the grounds of Newstead Abbey where the group posed for a photo in front of the hall. Photo courtesy of Michael S.

Membership from October 2021

From October 2021 all new and existing members must complete, sign, and return our membership form to the membership secretary and also pay the subscription. The form, as a Word document, can be filled in, saved and attached to an email to our Membership Secretary, or, the PDF document can be printed out and posted to our membership secretary.  You will have to email him for his address to post the form.  His email link is shown below.  Information about how to pay can be found on the membership form.

It is a requirement of the club that all members have some form of third party insurance to cover them when cycling. Your insurance policy details must be entered on the membership form together with the date of membership/insurance expiry.  If you are a member of Cycling UK, the National Clarion Cycling Club or British Cycling enter your membership number. (British Cycling FAN membership does not give third-party insurance cover and the Commute membership does not cover for leisure so the Ride option would be suitable).

Individual affiliated membership of Cycling UK, giving you third party insurance cover, can be obtained by contacting their membership team on 01483 238301 or online at Cycling UK Affiliate Membership – you will need to quote the Spire Cycling Club code of 8003921. Check out Full Cycling UK membership and information

Our Membership Application Form                        Note: Annual subscription from October 2022:  still only  £5.00 !

PDF Version  (print it, complete it and hand it our Chair, Secretary or other club official)

Word Version (complete this electronically, save it then email it to us – see Contacts Page)