Routes and Cafes

Club often used Routes to the East and West of Chesterfield and Car Assist(ed) rides can be viewed on the following pages. Also, often described as the most important part of the day by cyclists is a good cafe, so we’ve added these too.

Seen as a haven and a calorie filled respite, good cafes, especially on those miserable grey or incessantly windy days we all enjoy. The lists of cafes and refreshment stops compiled by Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club are in alphabetical order and listed by County, but are by no means exhaustive.

The lists have been compiled using the experience of the club when visiting these establishments and are kept up to date as best we can by sharing our experiences. You would not believe the amount of active re-routing to find a good (and cheap!) cafe

We hope you find the list useful whether you are based locally or visiting from further afield. Although the information was accurate at the time of publishing, chefs can change, owners can have days-off and off-days so please bear in mind that things can change.