Time Trials

Time Trialing developed at a time when cycling racing on the open road was banned in the UK; racing cyclists were forced to compete at one minute intervals against the clock while their contemporaries in Europe where able to race in mass start Road Race events. Race courses had to be given secret codes, while competitors had to be forced to wear all black to avoid detection of their clandestine activities by the authorities.

Of all of the various forms of cycle racing, time trials are arguably the most accessible to all and although time trialists can and do go to great lengths to purchase all the cutting edge equipment available, ultimately most are still ‘racing themselves’. For that reason time trials can be raced on any machine and many events have prize categories for those riding without the assistance of any ‘aero-advantages’

The Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club maintains its affiliation with CTT (Cycling Time Trials) (formerly the RTTC) and this allows any member to compete in open events and local club events. Local club events run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays through the summer on the locally renowned ‘Cuckney 10’ course just outside Bolsover and can be competed in by paying a small (usually a couple of pounds) entry fee on the evening. These are run on a fairly ad-hoc basis and the best way to be certain they are running is to scour the social media of local clubs. Open events can be entered via the CTT website, they cost around £10 to enter and usually should be entered two weeks prior to the start date.

You can obtain more information about time trialing please contact us.

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