Taking in the canal near Worksop on a sunny day – summer 2021. Photo courtesy of Steve J.

Constitution of the Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club
Date of adoption: October 2018 Issue No: 5

1. Name
1.1 The full name of the Club shall be ‘Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club’ (CSCC).

2. Objects
2.1 The Aims and Objectives of the CSCC are:
2.1.1 To promote participation in all aspects of recreational and competitive cycling and social events for people in Chesterfield and the surrounding area.
2.1.2 To include road and off-road riding.
2.1.3 To afford CSCC members such benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange.
2.1.4 To be a non-profit making organisation.

3. Powers of the Club
3.1 The club has the powers to:
3.1.1 buy, lease or exchange any property or equipment necessary to achieve the above objectives.
3.1.2 raise funds from trusts, grant making authorities, public donations, or any other funding sources.

4. Membership
4.1 Membership of the club is open to anyone, regardless of gender, race or belief.
4.2 Members may be from six years upwards, but those under 16 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian for club activities. Parental consent is required for those under 18.
4.3 The club may terminate the membership of any member who is considered to be acting against the club’s aims or constitution, or is regarded as bringing the club into disrepute. The member shall have the right to put their case to the club before a final decision is made.
4.4 Club members who ride with the club must obtain third party insurance by virtue of membership of British Cycling or Cycling UK, or other means approved by the club.

5. Meetings
5.1 A meeting shall be held on the second Monday of each month or as notified to discuss the ordinary business of the club.
5.2. The club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in October. The purpose of the meeting shall be to:
5.2.1 receive reports from the officers of the club.
5.2.2 receive the statement of accounts from the treasurer.
5.2.3 elect the officers of the club for the forthcoming year.
5.2.4 consider any proposals made in writing by a member and seconded by one other, in advance of the meeting.
5.3 Notice of the AGM, together with any proposals, shall be given at least three weeks prior to the meeting date.
5.4 Members wishing to raise issues at the AGM or an EGM shall notify the Secretary in writing at least three weeks before an AGM or EGM.
5.5 The Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at the written request of at least 4 members, or 20% of the affiliated membership whichever is the greater.

6. Voting Rights
6.1 All members may attend and vote at the AGM and shall be eligible for election as club officials.
6.2 Each member having complied with clause 8.3 shall be entitled to one vote.
6.3 Members shall be entitled to a proxy vote provided they have given written permission to the club secretary prior to the meeting.

7. Elections
7.1 All officers and other positions are to be elected annually.
7.2 All candidates for posts must be paid up members of the CSCC.
7.3 All proposals and secondments for positions can only be made by members and should reach the Secretary at least three weeks prior to an AGM. However, if no nominations for posts are received prior to the meeting; nominations may be made from the floor of the meeting, with the
agreement of a majority of the members present and voting.
7.4 The officers shall have the authority to co-opt a member of the club to any of the posts should it be necessary, to be confirmed at the next AGM.

8. Subscription
8.1 The annual subscription fee shall be due without demand on the 1st November annually (“the due date”)
8.2 The annual subscription for the following year shall be determined at the AGM or at a specially convened EGM called in accordance with clause 5.5.
8.3 If subscription is not paid within 2 months following the due date, membership of the Club shall be automatically terminated.
8.4 Cyclists who take part in regular meetings or any CSCC activities are expected to pay the subscription after one calendar month.

9. Management
9.1 Authority and responsibility for the business and property of the Club will be vested in the Treasurer.
9.2 The club officers shall consist of the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Website Editor and any other positions as agreed at the AGM.
9.3 Members may claim reimbursement of legitimate expenses authorised by a least two of the club officers Evidence of expenditure must be provided.
9.4 All funds will be used to further the aim of the club. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accurate records of accounts and their presentation at the AGM.
9.5 The Treasurer and one other officer shall be signatory to all transactions.

10. Affiliation
10.1 The club shall affiliate annually to other cycling organisations as agreed at the AGM.

11. Not used

12. Records and Property
12.1 All Club records must be dealt with securely in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

13. Members not to make a profit out of the Club
13.1 No member may on any pretence or in any other manner receive any profit or salary from the funds of the CSCC.

14. Alterations to the Constitution.
14.1 Alterations to the constitution shall only be made at the AGM or at an EGM.
14.2 Such alterations shall not become effective unless supported by at least two thirds of the total numbers of the members attending such a meeting.
14.3 Any member proposing an alteration to the constitution shall notify the Secretary of the details in writing at least four weeks before the relevant meeting.
14.4 Any such proposed alteration shall be notified to the members in writing at least three weeks before the relevant meeting.

15. Dissolution of the Club
15.1 The club may be dissolved only if a two-thirds majority of the membership vote to do so. Such a vote would need to be taken at AGM or EGM.
15.2 Following the dissolution of the Club any remaining funds and or property shall be:
       15.2.1 Where applicable returned to the fund giver.
       15.2.2 Divided between the current memberships.
       15.2.3 Distributed among groups pursuing similar aims.