Club History

Chesterfield Cycling and Athletics club

1889 Chesterfield Cycling Club was formed.

1896 Thomas Jepson Gascoyne (Wikipedia) is probably the most successful rider ever associated with the club as for a time he held the world record for either ½ mile or 1mile. The ‘Athletic News’ in 1923, the ‘Sporting Chronicle’, and the ‘Wheelman’, plus four other unnamed papers covered his exploits throughout 1896 where he is compared to the great Zimmerman.

His world record time of 57mins 18.4 secs for the 25 mile cinder track’ easily broke the previous time of 59 mins 1.6 secs. This was his first attempt as previously 10 miles had been his longest distance.

The riders were paced by a triplet and a drawing at the top of a poster implies that he passed the triplet because it was not quick enough!

1902 On August 30th in Queens Park the 10th annual race meeting held by Chesterfield Cycling Club was covered by the Derbyshire Times & Derby Mercury. Stating that the famous professional riders T. (Jeb) Gascoyne of the promoting club and T. Davies of Manchester took part.

1911 Title changed to Chesterfield Cycling and Athletics Club (CCAC) . The club then disappeared until 1923.

1923 Mr. Tom West presided over the reformed club. Athletics formed a large part of the activities and it organised the Derbyshire Times Road Walk. There is a note that some members were lapsing into professionalism.

1928 Members of CCAC. outside Chesterfield L.N.E.R. station prior to a club run.

Jimmy Webster is centre front row and Arthur Troth is left front row. All are members of the Chesterfield Cycling and Athletics Club. The club later became the Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club – was that because the Webster badge had the “Spire” on its badge and Jimmy became secretary?

1936 B.A.R. Trophy donated by J.A.Webster. Jimmy Webster owned a cycle shop at 282 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield and he also made bikes. The photo shows a head tube badge with “Webby” at the top and the “Spire” in the centre.

1937 At the club dinner held at Bodens Falcon Restaurant. Mr Boden donated the Falcon Cup and the great Yorkshire rider Harry Ernshaw presents prizes. Harry (Shake) Ernshaw was a 1930’s Legend. A member of Monckton cycling club and professional BAR Winner

1939 – 45 No club due to war. Arthur Troth the club’s star rider was called up with the outbreak of war joining the Sherwood Foresters regiment. Rushed out to Singapore they arrived too late to stop the Japanese and went straight into a Prisoner of war camp. He then worked on the Burma death railway were he died and is reputed to be buried under a sleeper.

1947 Club reformed with J.A. Webster as secretary.

1949 Roy Scott is both 25 mile & 50 mile champion.

1950 Stan George wins handicap in open 25. One 2nd and 3rd fastest and one handicap prizes were won in May. In June the ladies team of D Green, A Yates and E Bagshaw won team prizes in Doncaster Wheelers 10. Club wins both ladies and men’s road championships in Chesterfield Combine.

1951 Mavis Elcock one of the notable athletic members is featured in the BBC programme “Spotlight on Sport”. Mick Platt wins 3rd in open 25. Dorothy Kent 3rd in Central ladies 25. Gordon Kent 2nd in Beacon Mountain Trial (one of the country’s top events).

1952 Dot Kent 2nd in De Montfort ladies 10. M F Bowler wins B.S.A. bike in roller racing contest at the Hippodrome. Club team wins team race in open 25. Club sells 1,000 programmes for our club championship in Queen’s Park.

1953 Club wins prizes in Sheffield Central Mountain Trial with D Johnson, H Bagshaw and G Turner. Athletes gain two 1st and a 2nd place. Dave Salmon 2nd at Staveley sports.

1957 M F Bowler wins two 2nd and a 3rd at Tibshelf

1958 Promotion of two massed-start road races in town. Harry Bagshaw wins 3rd handicap in North Mids. 100. Alf walker breaks club 12 hour record with 235 miles. Club wins Combine championship.

1959 Joe Bell won a cup in the North Mids. 100. Eight riders finished in the club 50 and all reasonably close in time. Somebody other than Alf Walker and Harry Bagshaw finished in the club 100. In some evening ten mile events there were as many  as 19 riders. Senior best all rounder, 1st H Bagshaw,2nd K Jones, 3rd A E Walker. Junior best all rounder 1st A Thompson, 2nd R Mountain, 3rd D Lee.

1961 David Berresford wins senior best all rounder. Club promotes open road race in town. Mr H A Hill, Sports Editor of The Derbyshire Times guest of honour at the club dinner held at the Barrel Inn.

1962 B Came wins 3rd handicap in Endcliffe open 25.Six riders finish in the club 50.

1963 M L Smith wins Endcliffe open 25 by two tenths of a second, also J. Beswick wins 3rd  handicap.

1964 R, Bradley wins 3rd handicap in Endcliffe open 25.

1969 Club name changed to Chesterfield Spire Road Club.

1970 K. Marriott and M. Hickman rode in the National Junior 25 mile trial.

1971 K. Marriott 1st in Little John road race. Club promotes open road race in town, club members win team prize. Three members finish in the NMCF 12 hour. Club nights first held at Youth Centre. 22 attend club dinner held at the Peacock Inn. Club promotes combine Christmas Time Trial.

1972 In the Derbyshire Prestige series of  road races, K. Marriott gained one 1st and one 2nd placing. A. Haywood one 2nd and A. Gascoyne one 2nd. Club promotes two open road races in town, also final of the National Schoolboy ten mile time trial. Club promotes Combine Hilly Time Trial, also Christmas  ten mile time trial. Thirty attend club dinner held at the Terminus Hotel. Mr. R. H. Aldridge guest of honour.

1973 Club dinner held at the Terminus Hotel, Dr. A. Loughran guest of honour, one hundred and ten attend. Club promotes Hilliy Time trial, D. Marriott senior winner, P. Walker junior winner and P. Davison schoolboy winner.